Welcome to The Underground
Welcome to The Underground
Underground Lightsaber Fighters of San Diego
Underground Lightsaber Fighters of San Diego

Bounty Battles!

Prize Cost
Raffle Ticket  1
ULF Snack/Candy 2
Point Stash 3:1 Ratio* 3
$5 Cash 3
ULF T-Shirt 3
Free Class at Lionheart 5
$20 Cash! 7
ULF Random Bounty Prizes** 8-20
Lightsaber!*** 25


*When you stash a point, you essentialy spend 3 points, and get back 1 point which you can not lose on death. You musy be alive (rebuy if you get defeated) to spend your stashed points. 


**The same way I get random stuff for the raffle, I will prowl the garage sales and auction houses for Bounty Prizes. 


***Lightsaber may need to be ordered and awarded at a later date.



-A Bounty Hunter will buy into the game for $5, paid to the ULF Bounty Commissioner. (Non Refundable)


-At the time the Bounty Hunter buys in, they will receive a “Price on their head”, between 1 and 3 points. This is how much they are worth if beaten. This price is determined by past ULF competitive performance.


-When a Bounty Hunter wins a fight against someone else, they will receive the amount of points equal to the price on their opponents head. These points are kept in the Bounty Hunters “Bank”.


-Every time a Bounty Hunter wins a battle against another Bounty Hunter the price on their head will go up by 1 point.


-When a Bounty Hunter loses a battle they lose their points in their Bank and are no longer a Bounty Hunter. They may re-buy into the game to get back into the hunting action at any time!




-Outlaws do not have to buy into the game, they must register as an Outlaw for free with the ULF Bounty Commissioner.


-Outlaws start with a Price on their head of 0.


-Every time an Outlaw slays a Bounty Hunter. The Price on their head will go up by 1 point.  


-Outlaws DO NOT have a Bank, and they DO NOT collect points to spend on prizes.


-An Outlaw may become a Bounty Hunter at any time by buying into the game for $5. They will keep the current price on their head if it is more than 0. They will be given a Worth if they are at 0.


-When an Outlaw is slain their worth will be reset to 0.




How Battles Take Place:


Perhaps the most exciting part of the new Bounty Battles system is the freedom in which Battles will happen. Duelists will use an honor system when fighting and will be bound by basic rules. The majority of fights will not be monitored and can take place without supervision.


-Either a Bounty Hunter or Outlaw may challenge one another at any time. This challenge must take place through the ULF Bounty Commissioner.


-An Outlaw may not refuse a challenge. A Bounty Hunter may refuse a challenge from an Outlaw with 0 bounty once per ULF Event.


-Once a Challenge has been made, the fight must take place within 15 minutes. If a fighter is not present after that amount of time they will forfeit, and lose the match. (Time Frame may be extended for specific circumstances)  


-Target area will be the entire body and the hilt of your weapon. (Meaning that cross guard blade trapping will be counted as a kill)


-The first fighter to get 3 points will be the winner of a dual.


-Double kills count as a reset. On the third double kill both fighters will get a point.


-Fighters will report their win and loss TOGETHER to the ULF Bounty Commissioner.


-Either Fighter may contest results, without penalty, and be given a rematch formally refereed. When a match is contested the ULF Bounty Commissioner will determine any specific needs, and has ultimate authority.


-Anyone found acting dishonorably, or disrespectfully, by the ULF staff will no longer be allowed to participate in Bounty Battles. They will not be refunded any buy in.


FAQ’s and Important Notes!


“Price on Head” and “Bank” are two DIFFERENT things. The “Price on Head” is how much an Outlaw or Bounty Hunter is worth. The “Bank” is how much a Bounty Hunter has to spend on prizes.


Outlaws DO NOT collect points because they did not buy into the game. I wish ULF could give away prizes for nothing, but we do not have the resources to do so.


How is anyone supposed to get 25 freaking points?! Well… getting a free combat Ultrasaber isn’t easy. 


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