Welcome to The Underground
Welcome to The Underground
Underground Lightsaber Fighters of San Diego
Underground Lightsaber Fighters of San Diego

ULF Saber Trader/Rental

Since the buying and selling of Lightsabers is constantly on going, the ULF has plenty of things to resell. Many of our Sabers are brand new grabbags that are ordered directly to us. We sell Stunt Sabers from ultrasabers for as low as$85. That is cheaper than ordering a grabbag yourself, and you get to pick a design from what we have in stock instead of rolling the dice!


We will also buy your unwanted Saber if you need some cash fast!


E-mail undergroundlightsaberfighters@gmail.com for info on what we have in stock, or to get a price on what you're selling. 

If you just need a Saber for a night, why not "rent" one. You can put down $100, take the saber of your chioce, then return it and get Cash back! Prices may vary depending on times of year.



ULF will take back any working Saber "Hilt" for $40-50 depending on condition. 


Blade sales are final.

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