Welcome to The Underground
Welcome to The Underground
Underground Lightsaber Fighters of San Diego
Underground Lightsaber Fighters of San Diego

San Diego's Best Combat Tested Fighters


Captain Demeus is the current ULF Champion! He has not been slain during bounty combat, and has collected more than any other fighter. He has martial arts experience that makes his combat style unique and deadly.

Michael "The Prodigy" Witcoff

Michael trained in Lightsaber combat for less than a month before entering the ULF competitions. He came to his first event and beat everyone he faced, earning his title as "The Prodigy". 



"Lord Dre"

Dre has been with the ULF since it all began. He fights with a variety of styles and Lightsaber types, making it impossible to know what's coming when you face him. His experience and ability to adapt makes him a deadly foe. Skills passed down from his father no doubt...

Nick "Head Warden" Murico

Nick is the founder of the ULF, and it's hard to not be good at something when you create the rules! He leads the Wardens, who are ULF tested Fighters that test the field to make sure the competition is always fair, and worthy.

Chris Cather

Chris is a founding member of The Order of Rebel Knights! They are the leading choregraphy group here in San Diego. Although ORK's main focus is on flashing staged duels, don't let that fool you, these are skilled Saber Fighters, and Chris knows how to battle with the best.



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